• We’re Here

    Every road leads your way to “We’re Here” because you are definitely here. This clearly interprets the Sun, Beach, and Fun which are three things that describe what Puntacana is all about. When people visit this area and they discover miles of white sand beaches, our amazing climate where “it’s always summer”, and all the things they can do, they add this destination to the top of their list.

    What you don’t know is all the amazing spots we have for you to discover. I invite you to this virtual journey to learn a little bit about what makes Punta Cana one of the leading destinations of the Caribbean.

  • Ridgeway Hawk

    Many of you may wonder, why is a bird painted on this wall? We’ll let me introduce to you: El Gavilan de la Hispaniola, (Ridgeway Hawk) an endemic bird from the Dominican Republic, being one of the most threatened species on this island. This is why we decided to start a project to rescue and protect this bird as part of our conservation efforts of Fundación Grupo Puntacana to create a self-sustainable wild population in the Punta Cana region.

  • Sea Turtle Conservation

    If you keep walking, you will find yourself with a painting of a turtle. Maybe this is the first turtle you’ve seen on a wall, but since 1994 the Grupo Puntacana Foundation’s has been committed to sea turtle conservation, working with different national and international organizations to help protect sea turtles in the Punta Cana region.

  • Coral Garden

    Now, I know I got your attention because all these colors are hard for you to ignore. Coral reefs are amongst the oldest living and most diverse ecosystems on the planet. However, they continue to degrade and decline worldwide. The Grupo Puntacana Foundation developed a “Coral Garden”, with the goal of protecting the remaining Acropora wild colonies while increasing this population with genetically diverse corals grown in underwater nurseries.

  • The Heart Of The Caribbean

    Next, you will find one of our visitor’s favorite picture spots, “The heart of the Caribbean”, which describes that Puntacana is the main entrance to a whole new world to discover the magic of the Dominican Republic.

  • Parrotfish

    Are you amazed by this 3d wall, however, I bet you will be more amazed once you know the story behind it. The Parrotfish is one of the most attractive fish species due to the vibrant color pallet it has, was inspired to “save this species” with recycling materials to raise awareness on the extinction of this animal. Parrotfish are sand producing machines that adorn Caribbean beaches and they help maintain a healthy coral ecosystem at Punta Cana.

  • Agua de Coco

    Now it’s time to freshen yourself with what we call “Agua de Coco”, which is Coconut water to keep learning about our efforts. Thank you for bee-ing with us because the fun is just about to start.

  • Beekeeping Project

    Everyone loves “Bees” and is interested in learning about how we make our own honey. Here we encourage workers to keep bees and produce honey as a tradition of the Grupo Puntacana Foundation. We work with a local beekeeper to produce approximately 2,000 gallons of honey a year, in addition to royal jelly, bee pollen, and wax for candles from approximately 500 bee colonies distributed throughout the Puntacana Resort & Club.

  • Local Community

    So, let’s talk a little bit about our local community. Here we try to achieve excellence together and we do this through our Puntacana International School. This idea was born because there was a need for quality education in the area that would cater to both the local Dominican population and also the rapidly expanding national and foreign community.

  • Carnaval de Punta Cana

    Last but not least, something that you can’t miss is our Carnaval de Punta Cana, so next time you plan your trip remember this event and we invite you to live the best cultural experience ever! A parade featuring more than fifteen of the top carnival troupes with colorful costumes and masks to showcase the cultural traditions and folklore of the country.

    Thank you for your attention and time. Hope you now have a better understanding of everything Puntacana has to offer!